Keep It Clean Know What I Mean – 500ml Hand Sanitiser

LEMON MANGO TANGO – Lemon & Mango Fragrance


Parenting’s hard. Parenting in a pandemic is even harder. Lemon Mango Tango-scented to have you dancing with joy. Designed to fit with your mood and into school bags/ laptop bags/ cars/ handbags/ prams – pretty much anywhere you can think of.

Introducing Anzupp! ANZUPP is a new brand of hand sanitiser for the “new normal” (what was the old normal anyway?). Our alcohol gel hand sanitiser is proven to kill bacteria and germs.

We believe that a sense of humour is almost as essential to health as good hand hygiene.


70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser with Lemon & Mango Fragrance

• CAPACITY: 500ml
• MATERIAL: Plastic
• FRAGRANCE: Lemon & Mango Fragrance
• COLOUR: Yellow Tint
• LID: Push Pump
• Kills 99.99% of Bacteria
• Moisturising
• Quick to Dry
• Tested to BS EN1276; EN1500 and EN14476:2013+A2:2019


100ml Single Bottle, 100ml x 5 (Pack), 500ml Single Bottle, 500ml x 2 (Pack)


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SDS Document


Apply us to your palms

Rub your hands together like an evil genius

Dry by waving your hands in the air like you really care

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